Dominic King Judo & MMA Academy

Dominic presently teaches at grass root level but his ultimate goal is to produce an Olympic Champion within the next decade or two. He believes this to be a realistic goal because although he has never competed at the Olympic Games himself he has certainly competed against and occasionally beaten world class fighters as well as beating World and Olympic Champions in training. Dominic adds, 'This is my chance to put something back into the sport. No judo player coaching professionally in the area has seen the top level as closely as I have and I know what it takes to get there'.
Currently within the academy there are several regularly training professional and semi-professional MMA fighters. Each keen to gain knoweldge and further insight into the the many arts involved in modern mixed martial arts from Dominics unique perspective and indeed his legendary knowledge of Arm bars & Triangle submissions.

Dominic's Career

1978 - Born
1982 - Started Judo
1983 - First Competition
1988 - First Eastern Area Title (undefeated till 2003)
1991 - British Junior Bronze medallist
1992 - British Junior Silver medallist
1993 - British Junior Champion
1995 - Youth Olympic Silver medallist
1996 - Trained with Chinese Olympic Squad
1998 - British Senior Squad Member
1999 - British Senior Bronze Medallist
2001 - British Senior Champion / Ranked British No.1
2002 - Trained and fought in Japan in 2002 as British No.1
2002 - Commonwealth Games Reserve
2003 - Ruptured cruciate ligament (1 year recovery)
2004 - Started Coaching Professionally
2005 - Developed Ulcerative Colitis (2 year recovery)
2007 - British Senior Teams Champion
2008 - Retired from Top Level Competition
2009 - UKCC Level 2 Coach
2009 - Appointed Norfolk County Coach
2011 - Promoted to 4th Dan
2016 - Promoted to 5th Dan
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Why Train With Us

'Dominic King Judo & MMA Academy' is run by Former British Champion and Youth Olympic Silver medallist, Dominic King.
However, our club is not just for the elite. It's true, we do have some of the best judo players in the country, but we have many beginners and recreational players of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes.

Our MMA sessions are mainly for adults (male & female), but we do welcome children over the age of 12 to share the same mat. So often we hear that a new member was petrified before their first session, but nobody of any age has any need to feel intimidated. We are an extremely friendly club, however if you wish to compete in the cage, we have experienced fighters competing on a regular basis and training alongside those guys you will have the potential to reach a good standard.

Judo Coaching Services

In 2004 while recovering from his cruciate ligament injury, former British Champion and Youth Olympic silver medallist Dominic King, founded Fighting Fit Judo Club and has since taught judo in the Norfolk area while juggling it around his training commitments and time with his family.

Foundation Judo

Fun and judo based activities for the under 8's.

Junior Judo

Games, Kata & Randori for Juniors Judoka

Senior Judo

Recreation & Competition Judo for the over 13s

Competition Judo

From Mini-mon to International competition coaching

Mixed Martial Arts

Know and feared for his mastery of armbar and triangle submission during his judo career, Dominic published his book Judo Armbars for Mixed Martial Arts
Although from a grappling background, Dominic conveys excellent stand up and cage skills.
From the Judo era with leg grabs, shoots and scissor throws, he teaches these attacks and their defences to an amazingly high level.

Dominic 'Cyber Coach' King - Judo & MMA Academy

Dominic King Judo & MMA Academy


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Grappling & BJJ

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Fighting Fit

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Our Classes


New Road Sports and Leisure Centre - Belton
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 9JP

Judo for Younger Children (fundamentals/fun) - Tuesdays 16:45 until 17:30pm
Judo for Older Children and Seniors (Technique/Theory/Randori) - Tuesdays 17:30 until 18:30pm

Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth Martial Arts, Upstairs 34 North Quay
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 1JB

Judo for Younger Children (fundamentals/fun) - Wednesdays 17:15 until 18:00pm
Judo for Older Children and Seniors (Technique/Randori) - Wednesdays 18:00 until 19:00pm
Judo (Theory/Groundwork/Randori - Personal Choice) - Wednesdays 19:00-20:00pm


The Dojo at the Chaucer - Popson Street
Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1EB

MMA for older children and adults (12 years +) - Thursdays 19:30 until 21:30pm

Oulton Broad

EAMAC, 163 Bridge Rd
Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 9JU

Judo for Younger Children (fundamentals/fun) - Fridays 18.15 until 19.00pm
Judo for older children and adults (Technique/Theory/Randori) - Fridays 19.00 until 20.00pm
MMA for older children and adults (12 years) - Fridays 20.00 until 21.30pm

 28 Jan 2017  Gold for Ryan in Midlands

Excellent start to the year for Ryan King winning Gold at the Midland area age banded ranking event.  This competition attracts many of the top players from all over the country.  He now dominates his u27kg weight category and looks to continue his domination in the group.

 2 Jan 2017  Judoka of the Year 2016

Huge congratulation go to our
Judoka of the Year 2016
The Top Award 

Ryan King

 1 Jan 2017  Competitor of the Year 2016

Well done

Jaidon Roe

 1 Jan 2017  Spirit of Judo Award 2016

Well Done

Lucy Dodds

 1 Jan 2017  Most Improved 2016

Well Done

Oscar Swietek

 1 Jan 2017  Best Beginner 2016

Well Done

Jack Fuller

 1 Jan 2017  Best Technical Knowledge 2016

Well Done

Noah Laws

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